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Head Over Heels with Magnolia’s Limited Edition Apple Strudel Ice Cream

Since Media Noche 2010 was fast approaching, I was frantically searching the internet on what desserts should we get. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Not only did I got a great idea of what dessert to buy from the said website, but it also informed me of Magnolia Ice Cream’s newest limited edition flavors for the Yuletide season.

There are three limited edition flavors to choose from: Vanilla Praline, Apple Strudel, and Caramel Cheesecake.  I bought the Apple Strudel flavor because my family just love apples. I also planned on buying Vanilla Praline, but apparently it’s sold out from the supermarket I went to in Alabang.

Magnolia Limited Edition Apple Strudel
Apple Strudel Ice Cream

As I’ve tasted the Apple Strudel ice cream, I can already taste the rich apple flavor combined with their delicious, classic vanilla taste in each bite. In each scoop, I found lots of apple cinnamon bits with crushed chocolate pretzels with green and red apple ripple. My mom, my sister, and I just can’t get enough of it. It’s definitely a must-try dessert for the whole family to enjoy and truly a perfect frozen treat for our Media Noche.

Spot the Apple Strudel ice cream!
Our Meja Noche

Magnolia’s limited edition ice creams are only here to stay until February 2011; so we should enjoy them while they’re still here. And while they’re still here, I’ll make sure to get either their Vanilla Praline or their Caramel Cheesecake… or both! I’m even thinking of stocking up all 3 flavors in the ref before they vanish because I already fell in-love with their Apple Strudel.

I really wish they’d extend it until the summer because their Apple strudel alone would make a great dessert for the hot season because of its refreshing apple flavor, or even their Vanilla Praline would make a delish ice cream topping for halo-halo or mais con hielo 😀

Apple Strudel again :D
Hoping to enjoy an apple strudel serving like this during the summer 😛

Their Limited Edition Christmas Flavors costs only Php220.00 for their 1.5 liter. You can also choose to buy their smaller tubs depending on your budget. In addition, all Magnolia ice cream tubs are economical because they’re dishwasher safe, food safe, and microwavable safe. The limited edition ones have colorful designs on the side; so they would make perfect containers for toys, accessories, candies, etc.

Useful tubs
After days of ice cream indulgence, I used the tub as a container for my son's toys.

I salute Magnolia for their innovation and excellence for their line of ice creams and making them budget-friendly, too,  so that every Filipino can experience the goodness of their flavors. So while Magnolia is here, let’s all enjoy their ice creams while they’re here.


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Magnolia gift certificates
Magnolia GCs

I’d like to thank Magnolia and NomNom Club for the gift certificates they gave me from winning 1st place in Magnolia’s “Enjoy While It’s Here” blog contest. They gave me 3k worth of Magnolia Gold Label gift certificates. Each certificate is equivalent to 1 1.5L Gold Label ice cream. I used 3 gc’s and was able to use them in Robinsons Supermarket. My family and I was able to taste Magnolia’s Double Dutch, Rocky Road, Cookies & Cream. I definitely recommend the 3 flavors because they’re not too sweet as I expected them to be and they all tasted so rich and flavorful. I still got some gc’s left so I’ll try other flavors next time.

Once again, thank you Magnolia and NomNom Club! 😀