Bawal Ang Plastik Sa Lungsod ng Muntinlupa

Bawal ang Plastik
Bawal ang Plastik

Whenever we’re in Alabang Town Center or Festival Mall in Alabang, we see this sign everywhere and they’re serious about implementing this no-plastic policy. When I bought a few groceries in Shopwise (Festival Mall), the cashier asked me to either put my groceries inside a box or just add P10 to buy a big economical bag. I chose the latter. The irony is my brother whom I’m with at the mall has our Shopwise bags with him and I wasn’t able to get it from him when we got separated.

Anyways, all the stores are implementing this – toy stores, fast food chains, etc. I was amazed to see Jollibee take outs put in paper bags and they no longer use styrofoams.

I applaud the mayor for taking a big step for the sake of the environment. Hopefully, this will inspire other cities as well. Having no plastic could be a little troublesome like I had to carry lots of paper bags with me at home, but a simple solution to this is simply to bring your own big bag to put all those paper bags.

So always remember, whenever you go to Muntinlupa, BRING YOUR OWN BAG.


2 thoughts on “Bawal Ang Plastik Sa Lungsod ng Muntinlupa”

  1. Galing talaga ng mayor namin…sana lahat magkaisa..konting tiis lang yan at sanayan…fir long term benefit naman yan…

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