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Cara Mia Gelateria in SM SouthMall

We were about to go to Starbucks inside SM Southmall until we saw the colorful sign of Cara Mia.

Cara mia signAs we approached the store, we were welcomed by the view of their mouth-watering gelatos being displayed at their store.

Gelatogelato cakes

And so, we gave in and didn’t waste any time ordering the following:

strawberry and mango gelatoOne scoop of Strawberry flavored gelato and one scoop of Mango Jubilee
(Php 60 each )

We told Nico not to touch the gelatos yet, so he patiently waits until we’re finished taking pictures of them. (So cute!) My husband and my son got addicted to the Strawberry-flavored one. I really can’t blame them because when I tasted it, the flavor is just so rich and so yummy! Same goes with the mango, but, we like the strawberry better.

Caramel Espresso gelato shake
Caramel Espresso Gelato Shake (Php 130)
I like this drink. It’s actually similar to your typical milk shake – milky, flavorful, delicious!  I also like its not-too-sweet flavor because of the espresso mixed into it. I’d say it’s a refreshing alternative to your typical iced coffee.

cake slice of brazo
A slice of Brazo de Mercedes (Php 45)
Just your good old fashioned brazo de mercedes.

All in all, it was a very satisfying dessert experience. We’ll definitely go back to try out their other flavors.

FYI: They also accept major credit cards for payment.


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